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Upper manual trans/engine mount removal

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WIS doesn’t talk about removing the bracket the mount bolts to but it seems to get the last bolt out I need to as I can’t get the engine to sit any lower on the other three mounts to clear it.

I just want to make sure that This brackets 3 E18 bolts aren’t holding anything in place inside the trans before I remove them to get the clearance I need.
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Got it figured out after looking at the EPC diagram. The mounting bracket bolts are to the exterior of the case only. After removing them I still didn’t have enough room to coax it out of the way to get the mount out of the fender so I undid the forward torque arm (it was getting replaced next) and that allowed it to drop just enough.
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Photos included to show how to coax it out for everyone else. In the second photo you can see the bracket to the trans slid forward and down out of the way.
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