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So the green screen is a bit flaky. When it dips below freezing, my screen comes up garbled -- "Info" still works but "tainment" is out until I stop and start the car again. It occasionally forgets the USB is connected and it's almost constantly reindexing -- during which the behaviour is any where from working normally to completely spazzing out. If there's a firmware update that will help this guy, that would be great. But I'm hoping to fix it by upgrading to the nav system. On the Buick forums, they have some pretty detailed steps:

I picked up a nav radio & display from an SRX and this starting to look doable. I have the AM/FM/XM radio and OnStar so X1, X8 & X9 are already there and I believe there's a GPS antenna integrated into the antenna base. From the Buick thread, seems like this is what would have to be done:

1) Re-wire some pins on X1 -- console controls
2) Pick up a 20-pin connector for X3 -- display controls
3) Pick up a "TWINAX" cable for X4 to connect the display & radio
4) Fish out X7 from wherever it's currently connected
5) Run a wire through the headliner to connect X10 to GPS antenna
6) Unlock the new radio

Has anyone out there already done this? Any experience replacing the head unit or taking the dash apart? (There's a really good video for doing this on the 9-5 NG -- hope we're similar.) Thanks!

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A couple more related threads with some slightly contradictory information:

X7/USB cable is 19118740. The existing USB cable that goes to the PDIM has a slightly different connector.

I can only find the X3 connector (15489824) as part of a third-party wiring harness (AXXESS T-Harness, MVI).

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Turns out that all of the issues I described at the beginning of the thread are due to the PDIM. Could probably just replace that, but still hoping to upgrade to the nav radio. After studying the WIS, here's the plan (looks pretty similar to the LaCrosse)...

  • UYS Radio (20972237)
  • UDT Display (20935782)
  • Control Panel (22747908)
  • Signal Splitter (20960972)
  • TWINAX cable (20811268)
  • USB cable (19118740)
  • 6" FAKRA Female H - Female D cable (22760020)
  • 3' FAKRA Female C - Female C cable
  • 10' SAE 20/2 Shielded Twisted Pair
  • 4x M4x20 screws (11609457)
  • X4 connector (20811268)

This table maps the existing wire color and location to its new purpose and location:

Radio Access
  1. Instrument Panel Cluster Trim Plate Applique, Lower
  2. Instrument Panel Cluster Trim Plate Cover Assembly
  3. Instrument Panel Side Trim Pannel Assembly, Left
  4. Instrument Panel Drivers Knee Panel Assembly (2 screws)
  5. Instrument Panel Center Air Outlet Assembly (1 screw)
  6. Instrument Panel Center Component (2 screws)
  7. Radio Control Assembly (5 screws)
PDIM Access
  1. Front Floor Console Extension Assembly, Right
TCIM Access
  1. Instrument Panel Insulator Panel, Right (4 retainers)
  2. Instrument Panel Side Trim Panel Assembly, Right
  3. Instrument Panel Lower Trim Panel, Right (1 screw)
  4. Instrument Panel Compartment (9 screws)
  5. Communication Interface Module Bracket (2 screws)
Connecting the new Display
There's only one Saab part for this, but it seems likely that other 8" GM displays of this era (2010-12) will work if you can make your own tabs (looks like they should be flush with the back of the display).

The existing 8-pin connector (X1) can be reused by releasing the pins that need to move and inserting them into their new positions. The TWINAX cable (X2) simply plugs in.

Connecting the new Control Panel
The non-NAV control panel is designed to communicate with the radio through the info display. It's not clear to me if the NAV-cabable control panel is actually required to communicate directly with the nav radio or if it just adds a couple more useful buttons.

The existing control panel 18-pin connector can be reused by adding pins to the positions called out above. Use about 18" of STP for the CGI signal and SAE wire for the others.

Integrating with the TCIM
If you already have OnStar, then you have a GPS antenna, just need to introduce a splitter. The Communication Interface Module is near the right wall behind the glove box.

The FAKRA H connection on the antenna cable needs to be adapted to a G style to connect to the proper location on the splitter. This can be done by replacing or modifying the connector on either side. Use the short FAKRA cable to reconnect the TCIM (X5) and the long FAKRA cable goes back to the radio.

For voice recognition, run about 4' of STP from the 12-pin connector (X2) back to the new radio.

Removing the PDIM
The "Multimedia Player Interface Module" is located on the right side of the center console. It's not compatible with the UYS radio and needs to be replaced with direct connections for the USB and AUX to the new radio.

The new USB cable can be run here and joined to the old cable (USB A Female - Mini B Female).
Or, if it's not too much work, run the new USB cable all the way back to the AUX input jack.

The AUX wires from the input jack and to the radio already land here, so you can simply jumper the corresponding pins on the connector to complete the new path. You'll only need one additional wire (maybe 1' of SAE) to connect the AUX detect signal from here to the radio. Alternatively, it looks like there might be enough play here to re-route the source wires directly to the radio.

Connecting to the Body Harness
The 40-pin body harness connector (X205) should be near the right side of the center console, under the passenger seat. The speed sensor pin can be connected to the radio with about 4' of SAE wire.

The backup camera also lands here if you choose to connect it, with a like amount of STP. According to the WIS, the rearview mirror should be disconnected in this case.

Connecting the Radio
So hopefully all the wires we need are in the radio cavity at this point. Next, we'll create the new X4 connector by releasing the display pins from the original X1 connector and inserting them into their new positions here, along with the TCIM, speed sensor, and camera pins.

The new control panel and AUX detection wires can now be added to the X1 connector. To keep this non-distructive, I tied in an extra lead with a male pin off the back of the radio's existing remote enable connector, plugged the radio's enable pin into that, and enclosed it in shrink tubing.

Hopefully at this point it's just plug & play. Might be wise to make sure the box is unlocked and flashed before putting it all back together ;)
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