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Unbolted my cat-back

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OWWWWWW, my freakin ears! The deep reverberations actually hurt. Though I have proved my theory that you can't make a Saab sound bad. This thing did sound totally badass. And when you put your foot in it you could feel a pretty strong vibration,........through the seat. :eek: And when you let your foot off the gas you could hear little pops as it after fired a little. Though I must say that it was too loud for even the youngest members here. I'm 20 and it was too much, and I used to drive a wrangler so I'm used to loud noise. Maybe with an actual straight pipe to the back of the car it wouldn't be so bad, as it was it was dumping the exhaust right abouts where the ignition is.

Everyone should try this once, and that's the only time you'll do it. :lol: Unfornately there was NO performance gain, the turbo did not spool any quicker. If you want more performance, look further up the exhaust system.

That said I'm going to take two advil and start saving my pennies for a cat-back exhaust.
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Raven, this post was "Unbolted my cat back" ;)

Please dont try "Unbolted my brake calipers" next :eek:
Chris 9-5 said:
"Unbolted my brake calipers"
Now there's a game! You have to get the car sideways to stop, BRILLIANT! :cheesy:
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