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Unbolted my cat-back

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OWWWWWW, my freakin ears! The deep reverberations actually hurt. Though I have proved my theory that you can't make a Saab sound bad. This thing did sound totally badass. And when you put your foot in it you could feel a pretty strong vibration,........through the seat. :eek: And when you let your foot off the gas you could hear little pops as it after fired a little. Though I must say that it was too loud for even the youngest members here. I'm 20 and it was too much, and I used to drive a wrangler so I'm used to loud noise. Maybe with an actual straight pipe to the back of the car it wouldn't be so bad, as it was it was dumping the exhaust right abouts where the ignition is.

Everyone should try this once, and that's the only time you'll do it. :lol: Unfornately there was NO performance gain, the turbo did not spool any quicker. If you want more performance, look further up the exhaust system.

That said I'm going to take two advil and start saving my pennies for a cat-back exhaust.
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Is the rounded oval tip the same design as the stock one, cause I rather like the look of it. In the picture it looks kinda....circlular?
Mattlach said:
The round tip is circular. the oval tip is well... oval :p
No, they call it a rounded oval tip, but it looks like this...

Oh well, I'll probably buy it anyway. The rectangular tip looks nicer, but not $125 nicer, to me anyway.
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SahhhB said:
That being said, everyone should take Raven's advice and unbolt the cat back and crank their car. It's a mean sounding engine! :cheesy: And you still hear those pops after you take your foot off the gas with the remus exhaust, by the way.
Sweeeeeeeet. :cheesy: Everyone really does need to try this once, it's neat even if it does hurt.

I seem to remember a thread not so long ago about people who have done a number of performance mods without an ecu upgrade and even published dyno sheets..:roll:

Actually I dont agree with your statement
But my seat-of-the-pants meter has told me that the cat-back doesn't make you go faster.

I'm going to try and post a sound clip later, though I'm having trouble getting it onto my computer for unknown reasons.
We have audio

Unfornately the mic didn't pickup the deep bass reverberation that was causing other cars on the road to dump their tranny fuild. If you don't think the idle is loud, you don't have the volume high enough. :cheesy:
Chris 9-5 said:
"Unbolted my brake calipers"
Now there's a game! You have to get the car sideways to stop, BRILLIANT! :cheesy:
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