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everythings tight.
i think it could be a bearing.
if it is, how could i replace it?
Have you checked inner and outer tie rod ends? Have you done a thorough check of the ball joints?

A bad front wheel bearing will usually make noise when turning. In your case, since it's the passenger side, you should hear (more) noise when you turn left. The LH turn loads the weight onto the RH front wheel. To check for a bad wheel front wheel bearing I take the car out on a deserted stretch of highway and drive about 45-50 and then do a series of L to R, R to L swerves. If one of the bearing is bad, it will make noise when you load it. Make sure no other cars are around when you do this.

Here's a link to a ball joint and wheel bearing test right next to each other in the list:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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