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Any Advice Please? With my current MY95 CSE 2.3 FPT, I am running on 15inch (3 spoke Saab ) alloys with (2 FRONT & 2 REAR ) 205/60 BF GOODRICH AND GOODYEARS. To improve performance should I change the alloys to 16inch or just upgrade the tyres to 215/55 or 225/50's.

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To improve performance, you should get performance tires. A good performance tire in 205/60-15 will be way better than a mediocre tire in 215/55 or 225/50.

The Yokohama AVS ES100 or BF Goodrich G-Force Sport are both good high-performance summer tires that come in the right size. I've got the G-Force Sports on my Aero right now (with 15 inch rims off my old CS because the previous owner sold the 16's) and they are very stick and handle very well for the price.

You could also go with a high performance all season, such as the Yokohama AVS db2 or Bridgestone Potenza RE950, but then you'd be trading performance for some limited snow-driving ability.
The Dunlops would probably be even better. I didn't realize they came in the right size. With the rebate thing they've got (in the US anyway, not sure about UK), they're a really good deal, too.

I always hate buying tires because you can't "try before you buy" and you have to depend on other people's reviews. I'll just qualify my recommendation of the GForce Sports by saying that this is the first set of tires I've ever bought that were in any way geared towards performance, so I don't have much to compare them against.
DrSquirley said:
Does anyone have any expirience with the yokohama avs es100? I know we have them at my local indy saab shop, and i was thinking about trying them out. Less expensive than the toyo t1r's that seem to have a solid reputation, though.

I have no experience with the Yokohamas personally, but I know a few people that have used them and they say nothing bad and lots of good about them.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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