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Tygon for vacuum hoses?

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Anyone know why it may be a bad idea to use Tygon for vacuum hoses?

1/8 ID Tygon is cheap, 1.20 per foot

1/8th matches the original 3.2mm spec basically exactly (whereas most silicon hoses are 3, 3.5, 4mm). It’s also fuel, oil, and UV resistant so can be used for the PCV to throttle hose (carries oil residue). It’s also a pretty damn cool yellow lol 😎 (stock black and yellow engine bay?).

Ordering it from US Plastic also allows me to snag high quality kynar/viton valves for next to nothing.

Low crack pressure, PCV to throttle
Big boys for the other valves

The main downside over silicone is temperature - wouldn’t want to use these for BCV lines near the turbo. Am I missing anything?
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I would think it would be too soft to stay put, unless you want to hose clamp everything.
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