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Hey folks,

Got an issue here. I have a '02 9-3 Convertible and little over a month ago, I ended up in some flood waters on the road. I'm gonna try to make this short as possible.

Basically, I ended up with a little bit of water in the back seat floorboard (the water actually came thru the top fabric itself, it was raining so hard). Anyways, I ripped out the interior and the only part of the carpet that was wet, was the back seat area, not under the driver seat where the TWICE is located. I drained all the fluids ect,, I had the car running, drove it around for a bit and everything was working, all lights, TWICE system, power seats, ect.

Now, I put the interior back in and now these are my issues:

My remotes do not work
The inside trunk release button does not work
When open either door, the interior lights do not come on
The red LED on the dash is not flashing
The car will start sometimes but dies within a second.

Also, when the key is in the ignition I read somewhere you can push the door unlock button on the remote and the SID will show how many keys are programmed with the car...this does not work either.

I read that pushing the door unlock 4 times will re-program the remotes (or something like that).

All the electronics in the car still work, and when you remove the key, open the door, the interior light WILL come on, and after closing the fades out as normal after 10 seconds or so.

Also the SID display does not show any errors.

When I first put everything back together, the airbag light was on, and that's when all these issues started.

Anyone out there in SAAB land have any ideas? There are 2 shops here in the Houston, TX area I am considering towing it to, but its going to cost about $250 bucks. I have tried finding a SAAB mechanic here in Houston/Baytown area who owns a Tech 2, but no luck.

I was going to buy a Tech 2 Device and see if I can determine if the TWICE system is actually bad or not, but I do not know enough about it and what software is needed, if any.

Any help is appreciated.
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