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Turbo trouble ..

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Hi there …

A very strange problem guys and need your help here …

my 9 5 is 1998, 2.0t … I have contacted the SAAB service place here in Jordan regarding some smoke comes out of the exhaust, they justified that due to some carbon in the engine, the guys here in the forum advised me to do some engine flushing, which worked that day and I would say I had my engine cleaned comparing to the smoke got out.

The guy who made the engine flushing advised me to get red of the car, he insisted that the models from 1998 – 2000 have so much troubles and defaults, and further more he told me that my car will keep on annoying me with the problems will appear (if any one knows about those defaults please help !!)

Then I went to an old friend of mine who was a SAAB engineer before but he is not
any more, I explained the problem for him, then he told me that my turbo is dieing, and I should start to think of a replacement, he explained the problem telling me that the smoke I see Is a burned turbo oil in the engine.

Something to mention here is whenever I push the engine fast there is a bad smell comes out like if something is burning …

I love my car guys, I bought a SAAB based on the durability it enjoys, tell me what to do ???
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hi there and thanks a lot for the help ..

i'm glad to hear that the problem might not be with the turbo, its extremly expensive here in my country, and would cost a fortune honestly :roll:

i'll check thoses hoses on saturday at the service place, one thing i liked is the upgrade, is it possible now at this stage after making sure that everything is going well ??? my car is 1998 and has done 109k km ??

i just hope that the turbo is safe and the problem is only with those hoses ..
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