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Turbo rebuild V6 9-5 instructions needed

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Pulled the turbo yesterday and found the oil leak. Looking for instructions to rebuild the unit. Rebuild kit found on eBay for 80.00 ducks.

I have read many threads noting balancing issue but not concerned as the unit shaft is fine just a bad leak coming from the housing next to the down rubber tube.

Removal process was a bit tedious but I won. The biggest challenge was the last manifold bolt removal as you must remove the oil dipstick tube.

1. Remove the one bolt holding the tube in place.
2. Take big screw driver and pry under the holding bracket and force the tube upward. Be cautious not to bend the holding bracket as I did but I was able to remove the tube.
3. Tube has two nylon ring seals was played hard to get but keep prying the tube upward and wala..Out she came.

I actually forced the head off with the tube in place. Not the right way to do it but frustration set in.

Replacement core's can be found on eBay for 400.00 ducks but I plan to rebuild mine as the kit includes many parts. I just need to replace one rubber seal but plan to rebuild the whole unit. Might as well as the other seal may leak after all this work. Lots of patience required on this project.

Not in a hurry as I just picked up a 06 BMW 525 and have the time.