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I drive a 54 plate 9-3 1.9TiD 120Bhp and the turbo seems to be a distant memory. I lost it after the really cold night that we had, -18 in my area. From this point it went, wasnt gradual it just went the next day i started the car. Since then it has driven really sluggish with the gas pedl to the floor.

The symptoms i have are:-
  • slow or even a gear change needed up a hill
  • overtaking is not possible in the high gear range
  • If i drive it in one gear and let the revs get high, once it hit about 3500 to 4000 on the rev counter there is a big jolt and loss of power
  • If fault codes are cleared, it drives like normal for 5 min then drops power again.
  • These codes always come back
    • P1125 - Throttle Actuator Feedback Signal Range/Performance
      (21) - Not present
    • P0638 - Electronic Throttle Control Circuit open
      (04) - Not present
I have had 2 mechanics look at it to check the hoses, mentioned the innercooler (not sure if checked tho), EGR valve, connections and sensors. I have fitted a new air flow meter and still got the issue. Before it gets expensive i was wondering if the experts on here had any ideas. Do the fault codes relate to my issue? I did have these codes before the power loss so not sure if related. any help will be greatful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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