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1997 900 SE Turbo, 2002 9-5 Aero Wagon
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I've just replaced the alternator. I took it out through the top of the engine compartment and in the process unscrewed the MAP sensor from the suspension bar in the engine compartment to clear space for the alternator.

When I put everything back together the turbo gauge stopped working. Now every time the car is running the needle goes all the way into the red and stays there until the engine is off. Turbo itself is functioning properly. When I pull the vacuum hose off or disconnect the MAP sensor's plug there is no change in engine idling and the turbo gauge needle still does not leave the red.

Tested more today. On first starts the engine often dies. The idle is rough, especially when in gear or accessories are on. 40-mile freeway test shows fuel economy is 5-7mpg lower than I had before. All vacuum hoses seem to be attached properly and there are no loose wires or missed connections that I can find.

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