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This weekend we plan to work on my son's 89 turbo 5 speed hatchback. This is the car we bought with a blown head gasket and only 116k miles. After fixing the HG we put in new plugs, cap, rotor, wires, and set timing.

It starts and idles pretty good except sometimes it "rolls" when idling like my Detroit diesel used to do. The main problem is that when accelerating, just when the turbo is kicking in real good it gets choppy, almost like an ignition miss, but I'm pretty sure it's not that. It seems more related to the turbo or APC.

Also, I think I can hear an air leak during boost, but I can't find anything to account for it. I've checked and re-checked. We plan on working on it this weekend and so I thought I'd ask for specific places to look for the problem. I plan to set the base boost since that's something we haven't done yet. If anybody recognizes these symptoms please give us a hint.
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