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Forgive the dual post - but I figure I might get some better answers here in the performance section as I am getting none in the workshop...

So lately it seems like my beastie, while producing boost - is just not doing the kick in the pants at speed like it used to. For review it is a 97 900 SE auto.

I have the MBC+A, open air intake, viggen intercooler - the car boosts 1/2 into the red when I punch just really does not seem to have the get up and go as when I first installed the MBC+A. Even at speed, if I am going 50 and I punch it - it does not seem to really kick me in the pants. Yet I think it used to. Really - I never even break the tires loose, never hit the fuel cut out. Car also when I used to hit it at speed used to kick out some dark smoke when I floored it - that no longer happens.

Now what I can figure is that maybe not enough fuel is getting there? I had replace the pump a year ago, and changed the fuel filter this spring. Recently I discovered the hard line into the filter I had kinked (how it was running I have no idea). But that is now straight.

My query is - are there some obvious things I should check? I just did the plugs, the DI is good, air filter is cleaned, no vacuum maybe some tests I can perform easily?

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