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Hi all. My Saab is 8 days old (to me) today! Actually, it was built in Nov 00, but anyway...;)

Is there a place to look at TSB's on line? The B and C pillar tape/trim is bubbling on mine, and a friend said he swore up and down there was a TSB for that very issue. Ditto for the sloppy feeling in the temp control knob of the manual climate control. So I tried to do a search and came up with a TSB # 870 2270 for the knob and maybe 831-21092 for tape/trim, but I am not sure.

Anyone confirm that for me?

Also, I have always had a black dash board. My Saab is beige/brown. What type of cleaner/protectant works well on that? I am a fan of "wipes", if they are available.

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