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This SAAb 96 V4r was donated last December 2006 to the Kidney Foundation in Charlotte NC. It was sold at the IAAI auction in Charlotte then it was run through the Manheim Statesville dealer auction in January this year.

If the existing owner is interested in selling it, please let me know.

The story behind this car:

In 1985, a colleague at IBM offers me the car for 250 dollars. The brakes were out on it. He was the original owner and had driven it 96 K miles. I told him that he needed to find a clown with orange hair to buy it, I was 25 then and an orange Saab was the last thing that I needed.

In 2001, the same colleague comes to me and he tells me that his wife passed away, he was selling his home and moving, he tells me that the orange Saab was sitting in the garage. It has been parked there since 1985. He offered it to me for free as long as I pick it up before the closing date on the house.

Instead, I wrote him a check for 250 dollars, sight unseen and picked it up few days later. My son and I did the brakes and the clutch which was frozen stuck to the pressure plate, serviced the old Ford Taunus german V4 engine and started driving it. It was really a clown's mobile. The orange paint shined like new after a strong buffing. The four speeds on the column was an art form in operation.

In 2005 a kid with red hair saw it and he got his mom to convince me to sell it. I did and he drove it till the fiber / plastic type timing gear stripped its teeth on the crankshaft steel gear and busted the engine.

The car was donated this past december 2006 to the kidney foundation and I watched it sell at the IAAI auction to a car dealer that I guess wanted to have the orange clown mobile. The public was not allowed to buy it, you had to be a dealer, which I was not.
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