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This list details the items that have been added or taken out, and major changes to the vehicle in general. While there are many differences between models, the items listed here will try to focus on Global changes that have been made to every single vehicle, like model year changes.

What's different from Model Year 2003 models to 2004?
-Tie-downs for net in trunk...gone
-Passenger floor mat holders...gone Relevant Thread
-Headlamp washers...pop-up style replaced by permanently raised washers (warts).
-Locking mechanism for gas cap...gone Relevant Thread
-Dead pedal in carpet...gone (only a limited run at very beginning of 03)
-Different GM-designed gas tank (rumor)
-Aero now comes in the full palette of colors (instead of just Black, Red, White, Steel Grey & Graphite Green)
-Carpet changed from a berber-type. Relevant Thread
-Ignition switch light...gone Relevant Thread
-Wood trim in Arc is different
-Upshift light for manual trannies...gone Relevant Thread
-Some unspecified change that resulted in becoming the first car ever to be called the IIHS "Double Best Pick".
-Colors Midnight Blue, Dolphin Grey, Cosmic Blue...gone
-Colors Nocturne Blue, Espresso Black, Glacier Blue, Hazelnut , and Lime Yellow (vert only) added

Research 1

What's different from Model Year 04 models to 05?
-Linear with 175 HP engine added to convertible lineup for North America
-Rear Passenger vents in Linear center console...gone Relevant Thread
-Interior Motion Detection...gone. Disappeared halfway through 2004 MY. Relevant Thread
-Sunroof button different. (See Research 2 link)
-CRAS indicators go from sewn in to heat-staked. (See Research 2 link)
-Dash indicator lights different & move around for 2005. (See Research 2 link)
-Speed dependant Volume (SDV) actually works. (See Research 2 link)
-Aux-in standard on all models except Linears.
-No Manual 6-speed, only 5 speed (USA only). Relevant Thread
-Tire Pressure Monitors-gone Relevant Thread
-Passenger side lumbar support-gone Relevant Thread
-Navigation added for the US market.
-Driver's side door trunk longer illuminated. (courtesy of cleveland_saab)
-Storage console in rear center armrest...gone (courtesy of cleveland_saab)
-Moonroof has plastic trim around it instead of black flocking (the fuzzy stuff). (courtesy of cleveland_saab)
-'SAAB' embroidered logo on front floor mats...gone (courtesy of cleveland_saab)
-Passenger floor mat holders...RETURNED -- THEY'RE BACK! (courtesy of cleveland_saab)
-Parchment floor carpet changed so all models have Grey carpet. (courtesy of gjdavies) Relevant Thread
-Colors Espresso Black, Graphite Green, Merlot Red, Hazelnut, Glacier Blue...gone
-Colors Chili Red, Parchment Silver & Smoke Beige added

Research 2

What's different from Model Year 05 models to 06?
-Sportcombi Added! (Never available in any shade of white however.)
-Body colored door handles Relevant Thread
-250bhp 2.8T engine with dual round tailpipes for Aero model
-Bosch engine management for 2.8T Relevant Thread
-Stitching on leather shift knob is different. (See Research 3 link)
-Phone button is now spelled out PHONE instead of the handset picture. (See Research 3 link)
-Plastic molding around sunroof is different. (See Research 3 link)
-Floor mats are different. (See Research 3 link)
-Aero steering wheel has silver thumb inserts.
-There is a airbag off indicator on the right side of the instrument panel. (See Research 3 link)
-20th Anniversary Edition for Convertible with (Many thanks to Jubilee Vert):
Electric Blue Metallic paint
Electric Blue tonneau cover
Electric Blue interior door trims
Parchment colored leather sports interior with matching Electric Blue trim lines in the center.
2.8L V6 and in Aero trim (NA only, ROW had all engine/trim choices)
Touring Package (NA only, ROW have as option)
Rear spoiler (NA only, ROW have as option)
Unique double five-spoke 17" aluminum wheels (optional 18" 10 spoke aluminum wheel in ROW)
-13 speaker audio changed to 10 speaker audio. Relevant Thread
-Aero automatic transmission now 6-speed instead of 5-speed.
-6 speed manual returns, but only with Aero 2.8T
-Linear model and 2.0t (175 HP) engine no longer available in North America.
-Arc model name dropped in North America. Now referred to as 2.0T
-Garrett turbo previously used in 1.8t and 2.0t from 2003-2005 is no longer used for these engines. All turbos for 4 cylinder engines now sourced from Mitsubishi.
-No colors gone!
-Colors Jet Black, Fusion Blue, Arbor Green & Electric Blue (20th anniversary convertible only) added

Research 3

What's different from Model Year 06 models to 07?
-A new dash! Relevant Thread
-Premium audio is no longer 10 speaker 300W Clarion/Pioneer, but Bose system with 260W and 9 speakers
-Felt added to door seals, replacing rubber
-Additional sound damping materials added
-60th Anniversary Edition available with:
Black sports seats with grey inserts and grey stitching
Black floor mats with grey piping
Rear spoiler
Dark walnut interior trim
Premium audio
Dual front power seats
Front fog lights
17" anniversary wheels
-Colors Arbor Green & Sapphire Blue...gone
-Colors Titan Gray (sedan and combi only), Ice Blue (60th only), & Silver Added

What's different from Model Year 07 models to 08?
-Exterior refresh!
-Xenon cornering headlamps
-Two types of leather now available: leather appointed and natural leather
-Black leather now optional on all models.
-5-speed manual dropped on 2.0T, 6-speed manual and 5-speed automatic only for 2.0T. Aero transmission choices identical to 2006/2007.
-Electronic Brake-force Distribution standard.
-Late model year introduction of Turbo X with:
2.8T engine producing 280 HP and 295 lb/ft TQ
18" wheels
Jet Black only
-Colors Chili Red, Lime Yellow, & Silver...gone
-Colors Snow Silver, Pepper Green, Steel Grey (not available in North America, vert only), Lynx Yellow (vert only), & Arctic White (vert only) Added

What's different from Model Year 08 models to 09?
-XWD now available on 2.0T. Now standard with Aero trim package. Not available on convertible.
-Colors Carbon Gray & Glass Gray added.

What's different from Model Year 09 models to 10?
-2.8T V6 dropped
If anyone can add or correct this info, please PM a moderator to let them know!
For information on retrofitting most options that have disappeared, or to learn more about anything listed here, visit the Saab Global Factory Options Guide.

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Is it possible to add 2011 and 2012

What's different from model Year 10 models and 11:
-Shift indicator reintroduced to manual models
-Clutch interlock introduced
-Upgraded 1.9TiD now with 130hp and a 160hp version replacing the 120hp and 150hp respectively.
-Recalibrated engine management with improved fuel injection and combustion control
-Revised gear ratios to match new power and torque characteristics
-Improved electrical power management, including sophisticated alternator control when battery charging is not required and more efficient electro-hydraulic power steering assistance
-Low rolling resistance tires for reduced road friction
-Improved aerodynamics, with rear underbody deflector blades
-Reduced weight through lighter construction and sound-deadening materials
-Revised torque converter for automatic transmission with optimised shift programming.
-New rear badging moving to beneath the taillights on the boot lid.
-Two new colours Diamond Silver and Java
-New drivers side window switch surround

What's different from Model Year 11 models and 12:
-New front bumper with two options of grill surround, standard black and chrome for Aero.
-New front grill with large Saab typeface.
-Headlights now feature a blue tint
-All models now have 'Griffin' badging located underneath the side indicator.
-All models now feature 'Saab' written in a chrome strip rather than a badge incorporating the griffin on the rear.
-All SporSedans feature a rear spoiler
-Two new trims are available including the dashboard, titan silver, and carbon fiber.
-Shark Grey fabric inserts are now available with black and parchment colored leather.
-Ribbed leather is introduced with contrast stitching.
-Sedan and Combi models now feature a pocket on the side of the seats with a tag attached that says 'Griffin'.
-16" alloys are now standard while new designs are introduced: ALU 88 (Felgen), ALU 105 (Turbine)
-Updated petrol engines are introduced with upgrades including variable valve timing, direct injection and twin-scroll turbocharger.
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