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Transmission removal - intermediate shaft

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2001 Viggen ... clutch decided not to work. Trying to replace, but can't get transmission down.

Intermediate shaft will NOT come out! What am I doing wrong?

Any tricks, tips, hints would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Try Dmitry's site:

Are you supporting both the engine and transmission? The engine needs to be supported from above and the transmission needs to be supported from below.

I would use a single transmission jack rather that the two jacks that Dmitry used.

I used a transmission jack from Harbor Freight that adjusts up/down, rotates left/right and tilts front/back.

The drivers side axle has a snap ring that keeps it secured in the transmission but the intermediate shaft doesn't have anything that locks it into the transmission, other than friction.

Have you removed all of the transmission bolts (I remember just 5 holding it to the bell housing)?... Ron

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"Gentle" hits

Well, my son the mechanic used a couple of "gentle" hits and got the intermediate shaft out of the transmission.


Found a broken piece of metal from the clutch disc, could be the problem.

Thanks for the help.
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