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Hi All,

Any advice or experience with a 'bad' transmission range switch. It looks like it needs to be replaced. I think the cost estimate was around $ 200.

Today, for the 2nd time, the ck engine light & the ! exclamation point [TCS] warning light came on and the 2003 saab 9-3 automatic transmission would only run in 'limp home' mode. After a few hours, I start the engine and the warning lights are not lit.

About 5 weeks ago, with 58,300 miles the same thing - it started up and the check engine light and the ! light. I limped to a reputable independent repair shop - they advised it could be merely a 'dirty contact' with the sensor or something more expensive to fix.

So the repair sheet explanation says "P0705 stored. Transmission range switch input incorrect. Reset and road test. Fault did not reoccur. Customer to return if problem reoccurs. Most likely needs range switch replacement."

Well, long story short, today, 1,500 miles later - the ck engine & ! lights came on again. So I drove home in limp mode, parked the saab, did some work. Then, I went out to check the mileage and the warning lights did not come on.
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