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Hey all:

So, having some strange times here with my 2000 9-3 SE HOT. Pulled a CEL P0705 (Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction) as well as the transmission warning light yesterday after my commute home. But: no limp mode (sport/winter modes available), car shifts as expected and everything else seemed to be working fine. Drove her this morning (codes/lights still on) without issue. Turned off, started again -- CEL and trans light are gone (my OBDII computer still stored the P0705).

I fear I'm chasing an electrical issue. I performed the NSS bypass about four months ago (no issues since). Replaced worn transmission mount and right engine mount, however...have not done the rear engine mount (this may need it since I get some vibration around the 35-50 mph and wondering if this may have been a culprit).

Other than that -- any ideas? With the transmission working fine, I'm at a loss - malfunction at the shifter input, maybe? Gear selector position sensor or a shift-lock relay fault?
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