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exactly what I mean...

I will withdraw from further discussion however....
Really? Open a totally unrelated can of worms and then...mehhh "I don't want to talk about it."

"Exactly what I mean"? I'm confused...what?

In bold print on the first link you attached it says this:

NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.


I have no idea how your second link has any connection to a discussion you started.

Of course the paramedics are less busy, there's no traffic, so minimal car crashes, hypochondriacs that usually spend their waking hours trying to figure out why they need to visit the emergency room are staying home and folks that are borderline on whether they need to call 911 for a twisted ankle are also staying away.

When my 88 year old father died in 2018 the flu got him because he was overweight, had a sedentary lifestyle because he, or should I say we, had dementia and we couldn't distinguish between his regular raspy cough and something more nefarious, alas the cause of death was the flu, a flu that wouldn't have killed not for his underlying wasn't old and fat that killed was the flu...had he passed away in the middle of the night old and fat would be the culprit not the pneumonia from the flu.

Your "good friends Dad" had underlying conditions...unfortunately an extremely contagious virus found and killed him because that's what it does so that is the cause of death, not some conspiracy to skew the virus stats, does the government get some kind of a thrill out of locking us down...what's in it for them? What are "they" gaining?

"IN CONTEXT Flu deaths have evaporated from the charts". Of course they have, folks are wearing masks and running like hell from anyone with a cough or a sneeze and social contact is at a minimum...shake hands much? where's the mystery in that statistic?

"we all die" umm okay, like you did in the past I am taking care of my 89 year old blind mother, macular degeneration sucks, I just don't understand how following the rules is a big enough bother to people that they spread misinformation or in this case no information just bluster...oh and then says I don't want to talk about it.

My apologies cleeland but misinformation kills people right now...ask The Donald.

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Is a "single drain and fill" one in which you drain everything out of the transmission that you can, or one where you drain out only a single quart/liter/some unit of measure?
You can change out all of the fluid in one fell swoop if you follow the WIS procedure that I linked to earlier in the thread. The basic procedure is to drain what you can out of the drain plug (about 4 quarts), then pull off one of the cooler hoses, start the car, drain a couple of quarts out of that, partially fill the transmission, and then drain some more out of the cooler. By doing that, you really do get pretty much everything out of it in one shot.
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