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Towbar sockets found on a 89 9000i

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I recently bought a secondhand towbar fitting. As I understand it, I have to remove the towing eye that's presently just behind the bumper.
But when I checked I discovered that there were also two towing plug sockets bolted to the eye - they look as though they are wired up and they are facing the engine rather than the back as they should to be useful.
Am I right in assuming that these are working and just need turning around and bolting to the towbar? They look as though the car left the factory like this.

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Towbar update

Well, I had a look and it seems that my car has the two sockets needed for caravan towing handily bolted up under the bumper plastic, and wired up to the loom. Now I have another question. Do I need to unbolt the bumper in order to revmove the towing eye/bolt on the towbar? There doesn't seem enough space to remove the bolts otherwise!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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