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Towbar sockets found on a 89 9000i

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I recently bought a secondhand towbar fitting. As I understand it, I have to remove the towing eye that's presently just behind the bumper.
But when I checked I discovered that there were also two towing plug sockets bolted to the eye - they look as though they are wired up and they are facing the engine rather than the back as they should to be useful.
Am I right in assuming that these are working and just need turning around and bolting to the towbar? They look as though the car left the factory like this.

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If you have the factory hitch (which is what we call a towing bar over here) then that tow loop/tie down U shaped fitting does come off and the forward end of the towbar bolts to a pre welded bracket on the bottom of the car.

I've never seen the wiring plugs pre-wired in on any NA spec car but the simple thing to do would be to lok in the boot (trunk) area, probably in the spare wheel well and see if these are wired to the rear light (usually the left side rear light wirng harness is used) or test the sockets electrically.
I'm not sure but the factory hitch bolts to the back of the bumper, so you need to take off the bumper to put the hitch on anyway.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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