I have a 2.0T ECU I pulled from a 2006 2.0T car. Unfortunately it does not work properly in my 2004 2.0T car due to changes in how the ionization module is handled. It seems to work okay otherwise, no ECU or injector codes generated. I drove around for a good 20 minutes with it installed.

See my thread, P0325 after ECU swap, is there programming or am I out $60?

I could get it reflashed for my 2004, but there's always a risk of bricking the ECU.

Perhaps someone in the Greater Toronto (Ontario, Canada) area needs an ECU for a later 2.0T, like 2006, and has an otherwise good ECU from a 2003/2004 car.

If so, I would like to try installed each in the other's car to verify proper functioning. If they test out, we do the swap and each have an ECU that we can use in our cars.

This ECU is a spare unit, so I am not in a hurry to get it swapped. Local (for some value of Southern Ontario) swaps only. Not going to send it off somewhere.