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Saab color code 303, Titan Gray Metallic
(2) 12oz spray cans Base
(2) 12oz spray cans Primer
(2) 12oz spray cans High Gloss Clear
(1) 12oz Adhesion Promoter
Purchased to paint body moldings, experimented on an old side strip but never completed the actual job, then traded in car. Used 1 can of primer (not included) along with minimal amounts (2-3 passes on a 3'x2" side molding) of what is included here:

This would be a $80 dollar order from Automotive Touchup. I would knock this down to $60. Being forgiving, let's say I used 1/2 of 1 each of the base, primer, and clear (the cans are not that spent). So $35, but add on shipping, so $40.

Basically what is a full order for half the price. I will not split this order for just the primer or clear, or one-offs.
I also have a pair of headlights, and other misc parts for sale.
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