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OK, so this is MY Saab (I recently posted regarding my girlfriend's 900).

Mine is 1999 9-3SE 2.0t 5-speed.

I've dropped TOO MUCH money into it recently with local mechanics (I know, I need to go to a Saab Specialist... they're not very nice fellows where I live though).

Anyways, these may be 2 seperate issues... or one causing 2 symptoms (both related).

While driving at any speed, even with Cruise set on a straight-away with no acceleration, the car seems to want to wander randomly to the left or right. Not extremely severe... but enough to bother me around corners and at a high rate of speed.

The other issue, which is not as vague as the first, is the ever-worsening 'shake' that I get when I accel through the gears (regardless of gear, speed, road condition, turbo boost, etc). Perhaps it's just me, but it does seem to be the worst at lower RPMs... I think the higher RPMs "pull" it out of this unknown 'wobble' slightly.

The car sat in a storage unit for over 14 months before I purchased it. This caused a lot of issues. I've replaced the rear calipers, rotors, pads... the front shocks, front swaybar link, plus a tire with a blown belt... which seemed to solve the wobble problem at first... but I then realized it still happened on acceleration (and ever so slightly while cruising).

So most recently... my mechanic ordered rear bushings for the car... he said 'they seemed loose'... I don't know if he's taking a stab in the dark again or if this is the issue. I'm inclined to think it's NOT the issue as a lot of the problem seems to be coming from the front-end... not the rear... but I'm not mechanic! Should I spend my money on these not-cheap bushings... or does it sound like a waste?

Any other thoughts as to where this could be coming from?

A Saab-loving friend put it up on his company's lift and gave the front passenger CV (shaft?) a yank... and he could get a little rattle/wiggle out of it... said that might be the problem. Both CV boots were 100% fine... and the passenger 'joint' seemed to be one large piece (joint & shaft?) that extended from that passenger side almost all the way to the driver side cv joint. So it looks like an expensive piece... I'd really prefer not replacing it unless it definitely needs it.

As always, ANY and ALL input is greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your experienced input,
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