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Question 1: What is the recommended tire pressure for 235/45R17 tires? When my owner's manual was printed, only 225's were fitted.

Question 2: What's the rationale with the recommended tire pressure of

35 psi front, 32 rear for all-season 215/55R16 but
35 psi front and rear for winter 215/55R16 tires?

Is it that Saab wants more understeer when we use winter tires or some other reason?

Question 3: Is it better to increase the tire pressure by 3 psi over the recommended pressure? Mercedes states in their owner's manual in the text, but not in the chart/table, to increase the pressure by 3 psi for better handling and safety (but poorer ride). Saab recommends a pressure of 6 psi higher for cars driven at 190 km/h or more. Isn't it wise to follow the Mercedes advice and add 3 psi?

If so, my winter tires should be 38 psi (215/55R16) except in snow when I'll bring it down to 35 if my fingers are not frozen. In the summer, instead of 35 psi, it would be 38 psi on my 235/45R17's, which is still lower than the 41 psi for cars driven 190 km/h (roughly 120 mph).
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