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Hi guys,

My name is Calvin; I'm 15, and for a number of reasons bought a classic 900 for my first car. It's a 1992 900 hatchback, base model.

I just completed an oil pump removal and installation in order to replace the oil pump seal and the crankshaft seal, and the two alternator belts and the power steering belt (I removed the AC system entirely). When I was there I also noticed the alternator mount bushings had been eaten away, so I replaced them as well.

I got it on the road yesterday, and it started out fine. There was some mild misfiring issues, but it seemed to warm up out of it. Today, I got it on the road again and the problem became much worse. It started out mildly misfiring at 1800 to about 2300 RPM, and then rapidly increased into violent shaking anywhere near that RPM. If I was able to get it above into the 3000 RPM range (which became more and more difficult) it drove a bit better, but it's favorite seemed to be the 1200 area. I had to limp home through the back roads as it got to the point where there was no possible way to get it to 35 or 40mph. (It has a front engine mount issue or something and pops out of third, which didn't help--a problem for another day).

My question is primarily diagnostic related. I've done some electrical work on school projects and know my way around a voltmeter. What would be your guys' first guesses as to where the failure originated from? I would say it's the sensor on the side of the oil pump but I definitely got that back on and it seems to have started after running alright for the first couple miles. My next guess would be spark plugs grounding to the car somewhere or the fuel filter.

Any help would be appreciated--I'm new to this, and although I'm able to follow a manual with relative ease I don't know the car or general car mechanics well enough to begin diagnostics.

Thanks for your help!
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