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My trip computer is starting to sound like my mother in law.
It always tells me there is "low coolent" even when its full.
It sometimes tells me there is low washer fluid even when its still half full.

Now its telling me i need to get a service done.
95k on clock.
To be fair i probably should get it looked at.

What is included in a 95k service and what is the cost?
Should I go to a Saab Dealer or will an independent do?


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I would recommend that you do it yourself. If that's not an option, anything is better than the dealership. (Also, the TIME FOR SERVICE reset is stickied under FAQ.

From the owner's manual, 90k service...

Change oil and filter.

Lubricate door hinges, stops and locks and check operation.

Replace spark plugs.

Flush and replace coolant.

Change and flush brake fluid and bleed system.

Check and top off gear box oil level (manual and auto)

Rotate tires.

Change cabin filter.

Replace engine air filter.

Check and inspect:

front wheel alignment

exterior lights

spare tire pressure

all hoses

evap control system

wiper blade

brake hoses and lines

ball joint clearance, outer and inner steering joints, rubber boots

shock absorbers

inner and outer driveshaft joint boots

tire pressure

brake pads

headlight and foglight aim

srs warning lamp

parking brake function

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Im going to do the simple stuff myself (as soon as it stops raining).
Ive got a saab engineer contact i hope will be more cost effective than throwing money at the dealer and wondering what they actually do.
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