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tilting back seat- is there a release?

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trying to get to the fuses under the rear seat, how do I get the seat to tilt? Is there a release? Am I just blind?
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Should be a strap located in the spot where the lower seat cushion and the seat back meet about in the middle. Feel around in that area to see if it's there and simply pull fairly hard. The seat cushion should flip up toward you.

Edit: I suppose that in the absence of a strap, just grasp the lower cusion through the crack between the back and the seat and pull fairly hard -- should work the same way.

If you wanted to lay the seat back down to create a larger cargo bay, simply remove the head rests, release the levers on both upper seat corners, lay the back down and snap it into place. IIRC you must have the front seats adjusted forward a bit for the whole thing to fit.

Your owners manual may help if you have one.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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