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I have a 1999 Saab 9-5 with a 3.0L 6 Cyl engine which has only 102,000 km's or 60,000+ miles on it. On the way to work the other day I got off the Hwy and as I was stopped at the first traffic light my car stalled and the Check Engine Light and TCS Off Light both appeared on the CED. After trying for a number of minutes to start it, the car started but the lights on the CED remained in the on position. I drove directly to a local garage in town that repairs European cars including Saab's. After checking the car out and doing a diagnostic on it, the mechanic advised that the fault code that showed up was P1230. I am told this is the code for a failing throttle body. Other signs that went with this problem is that car is idling at a higher RPM(1,100-1,300) car is in Limp-Home Mode, I no longer have the cruise control function, TCS is not working and if I try to drive it and stop to idle, it may stall. Yesterday taking it back home on local roads it did not stall as car was idling at over 1,000 RPM's.

Today I spoke to Saab in Canada about this code and they advised that the cost to repair the Throttle Body including the Throttle Positive Sensor (which they say is all one unit), Part alone is $1,620.00 and labour would be one hour at $110/hr. I almost fell off my chair when I heard these numbers. The Shop Foreman at Saab was fair and suggested that before I replace these parts we try to clean the Throttle body, reprogram and clear the fault codes and see if this corrects the problem. I asked about reprogramming because I had heard that their was some software updates to increase the voltage range of this component which is often necessary when the part ages and gets deposits on it. The mechanic at Saab said this program update has nothing to do with extending the voltage range which is contrary to what I have read on the Forum and the Saab Network.

As a first question can anyone confirm this discepancy with the program update story and what it actually does. As my main question, has anyone experienced success with the cleaning and reprogramming this part. Saab says it will take one hour labour to perform this procedure. Also if I need to replace these parts, does anyone know where I can acquire them at a better price. Any other info or thoughts on this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am extemely frustrtaed by this problem and feel that at 60,000 miles I can't believe this component/part is actually failing. The car is in excellent shape and has not been driven hard. Since I bought it over a year and a half ago at 74,000 km's, I have performed mostly highway driving but have replaced a great many parts including, One DIM, a rear shock, a water pump, a CPS, and the alternator. Hard to believe I've had all these problems in such a short time. Any thoughts on these occurrence would also be much appreciated.

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