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The Wonderful Clockspring

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You know, it's those wonderful insignificant parts you never think about that bit you in the rear. Last night I was attempting to cure some in/out play in my steering wheel caused by the teeth on the little ring having ground into the steering column, reducing their effectiveness at holding it in place. Uh, guess you had to be there. Anyway, the clockspring is the lovely little housing with miles of flat wireing inside that allows you to have electrical connections inside your steering wheel even though it turns. Well, I wasn't paying close enough attention to how much I wound it back when I replaced the wheel, evidently.

Well, first thing this morning, the first time I cut the wheel to the right, SNAP and the airbag light comes on...;oops:

$135 from saabsite

I got a used one from Goldwing for $70...;oops:
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Ooops, did you manage to get rid on the play in the wheel though?
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