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I have been away from here for a while - well, for a very very long time - 8 years, maybe more.

But the shopping has started. I have been doing a good few motorway miles lately, the 4x4 went back at the end of it's lease and our people carrier has been shuttling me between our home in the borders and our shop in Glasgow a couple of times a week.

It's time for a Vert! Well I have convinced my patient, caring and somewhat unbothered by cars in general other half that an NG900 or first gen 9-3 vert is the way to go.

Got a small budget, £1k. but it's my £1000 and I am gonna spend it. So if anyone knows a clean sub £1k vert with a decent length of MOT the drop me a PM.

Oh and for the old school - I used to be JamieHutcie.

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