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Wuhuu, you've got a turbo! First now, what do you do!?
1. Change the oil to full synthetic quality oil and filter, regardless of what the PO says.
2. You change the coolant and flush the system, regardless of what the PO says.
3. You replace all ignition components, that being the rotor, cap, leads and plugs (NGK BCP7EVX for 16v turbo, BP7ES for 8v turbo), regardless of what the PO says.
4. You investigate or/and replace all vacuum-hoses, regardless of what the PO says.
5. You test/replace the bypass-valve, regardless of what the PO says.
6. You unplug the connector on top of the APC-solenoid (located above the radiator, with three large vacuum-hoses going out of it, and a connector on top), to check the base-boost. Drive the car warm, find an inclining road, go into third and floor it. Note the boost on the CALIBRATED boost-gauge, and adjust to 6 psi or 0.45 bar. Shorten the actuator rod for higher boost, lengthen it for lower boost.
Yipeee, NOW you're ready to start modding...
THEN! The first you do is:
1. Mod the APC as per, realise it isn't enough, and
2. Mod as per
3. Change broken gearbox
4.. Fit fuel-chip, that dosn't quite cut it, as you run lean at some points, and rich at others.
4. Do the vacuum-capsule mod
5. Change to new gearbox
6. Realise you need a bigger turbo, find and fit...
7. Realise you don't have the correct fuelling and ignition-control...
8. Search the project-threads, and find out Trionic 5 is your next step towards insane power....
9. Fit strengthened gearbox
10. Join the Dark side with the rest of us!

The Reverend...

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can we pelase change number 8 to trionic 5.5


and even put it before the fuel chipping and APC mods, because trionic is probably the cheapest and most effective mod out there now, when this was written trionic wasn't an option.

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Ah, I think you'd have a different list for non-Jetronic turbos. An '80 turbo is a whole different beast (really more like a Saab 99 turbo), with the mechanical fuel injection and all that waiting 30 seconds before shutting off the car...

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Thank you for your tongue in cheek prescription for Saab enjoyment. I've had my vert since 2008 and while maintaining it, have used synthetic oil right from the start [Royal Purple in fact] and have had the car scrupulously maintained by Pearce European here in Santa Cruz, I have made absolutely no modifactions to this car. There was enough to do what with tunes, top, body work and replacement of all lines and hoses in the engine bay.
And while I do have to coax a charge back into the battery [also replaced] when I want to take it out for a spin, it runs like a top!

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900 Turbo - no brakes

Hi, I've had the 94 900s Turbo for about two months. The abs and brake fluid lights used to go on breifly when I hit the brake. Last saturday on a 1 block drive both lights stayed on and I had no brakes. I was able to get home but not sure what to do now. Brake fluid is full. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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