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I was taking a look at some international website and I was very surprised with the Hungarian website. It is amazing!!! go to they put the 9-7x as a model, but no prices, but you can see all the information, with the press kit. In every model they put the press kit, the news section is very complet. An every part of the web it has many information, with PDF files, with the offers, ads, and also a section with some Mags tests.

But one of the most interesting sections is the 9-3 training section, this is the information gived to the dealers as a first guide to the model, with PDF files, flash animations, movies and so....

quite interesting to see the Larss Olson video about the 9-3ss.

if you would like to donwload some files, then put on the explorer, and then you will navigate as the windows explorer with folders and files and you can download what you like.

For example there is a miniguide of the 9-3ss in english. Also there are some Computer simulations crash tests and to see how the deformation zones work.

This is the section with more flash animations of some Saab technologies
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