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The 9-3 SportCombi reviews continue

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I've just run across another 9-3SC review from ITV, which I've posted. The kicker was the quote at the end:

There's a lot more to come from this charismatic Scandinavian car maker. Let's hope their American masters in GM have the wit to realise their potential as a stand-alone producer and not, as is rumoured, just a convenient assembly facility for their tasteless, but sadly Europe-bound, Cadillac range.
Ooooh. Got Bob right in the cohunas with that one!

Can't wait to see these babies on the road (but unfortunately they're not Oz-bound until well into next year :cry: )
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Swade said:
Saabs are waaay more accepted here in Tassie. It's a Saab spotter's paradise.
Plenty here in Sydney too, especially convertibles. You'd need a good beanie in Tassie eh?:D

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