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Hi i have a saab Arc 2.0T i been having this issue with the coolant system for a bit over a week i been noticing how my temp gauge takes a bit of time to get to the normal temperature (9oclock) but in the Diagnostic in using OBD Fusion and Torque pro ... The temperature stays normal all the time it won't move neither higher to overheating but neither will stay below...

About a month ago I change the Thermostat 180F and also did the engine temperature . I was wondering about which one is the color for that sensor that's on top of the engine by the fuel line.
On the diagnostic the temperature keeps rising up slowly but in the cluster the temperature is normal . Both apps read it as the temperature keeps rising i turned it off the car once it reach 200 F and the resevoir hose collapse due to wasnt tight as hard it need to so that's my fault i owe it so we continue. Also what's the coolant temperature sensor comparing to the temperature sensor? The dent is on the intercooler???

I also noticed this dent on the cooling system i believe it's the Intercooler? Correct me if I'm wrong I'm attaching photos. It's a automatic transmission . I don't have no coolant keaks i did change the resevoir Ca
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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