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Tech2Win "No communication with dice" help needed

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Quick rundown-
Car- 2003 9-5 Aero
Equipment- Mongoose Pro GM II
Software- Tech2Win, Techline Connect, Tech2Win Emulator, 2 different SAAB NAO bin files/ profiles on tech 2.
Repair- Replace TWICE Module and program it to the vehicle.

Tech2Win said "CANdi detected- please remove" or something of the sort, so after disabling CANdi, it gets through to the next page but then says,
"No BUS Systems can be contacted- No Communication with DICE"
and won't let me go any further.
What am I missing?
(Only current code is that the twice module vin does not match the vehicle)
Any ideas would be helpful, this is a customer vehicle and we were hoping to have it done days ago.
Thank you!
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2003 9-5 do not use CANdi, so remove it.
Check wire between DICE pin 28 and OBD port pin 7.
Check also all fuses in dash fuse box.
Have you double checked wire between DICE pin 28 and OBD port pin 7?
Try to change MY at TECH2 selection.
All electronic modules communicates thru DICE. So if DICE is not responding, none will respond to TECH.
Have you double checked wire between OBD port and DICE?
1 - 4 of 17 Posts