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I've got a couple ECU's I want to match the VIN and immobilizer to my car. I was playing around with my Tech2 the other day and I got some sort of message about potentially damaging the AC if I screwed up. At least I think it said something to that effect.

This was with the stock ECU, so I figured I better stop. I'm not exactly sure what I did, I was just going through the menus in an attempt to learn how to navigate it (I changed a bunch of things in DICE/TWICE/SID while I was in there).

If anyone's got any input on this I'd appreciate it. Also, I remember reading a couple years ago that when doing the Garrett/TD04 turbo swap that you need to change one of the VIN letters to fully unlock the turbo- any truth to this?


you cannot program the same DICE unit twice, if you do the values will be affected for the a/c system and it will not operate on speeds above 10 kmh. if this happens a replacement of the DICE unit is required. i wish i could post this from the WIS but i dont know how. this is only for the DICE unit, im not sure if it applies to the ECU
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