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Here is my idea...

To start a global Tech II location thread and how much owners charge for the use of the Tech II. I figure it might help out a few owners make a couple of changes to their cars for much less than the stealerships would charge. There are similar threads for cell phone modding tools on XDA.

If you want to be listed on this then please list your
$$ requested for your time/help

I will add your listing to the second posting on the thread.

Hopefully we can work together to make this happen!

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Listed by Country - State - City alphabetically. I have listed the price that each member would like. It's only fair to pay a little something for their time and services as they have had to fork out cash to purchase the Tech II and then taking the time to help you out. Please be generous in supporting these people who are lending a hand!

At the end of each location I have listed the user's forum name for you to click on which will take you to a separate page to PM, or email the forum member. Please remember to keep everything civil and treat others as you want to be treated. Please support these guys and gals who are so generous with their time and goods.


British Columbia
Victoria - Negotiable - Beacon Hill

Barrie/Alliston - starting @ $40.00 - rh1
Hamilton - $40.00 and a coffee - ninjastar
Oakville/GTA - xtwister
Toronto area usually - Saab Club of Canada membership ($18.00 annually) required - Tech II and laptop with TIS/WIS/EPC - Saab Club of Canada

Birmingham - Tech2 with TIS security access - $20.00 - Jimbwde

Phoenix - $40 tip if you can, though not required - iihfjerseycollector

Fayetteville - donation - Pace
Little Rock - Negotiable - kd7ctv

Fremont/Bay Area - $25 (or whatever current price for a 1 day subscription is) for software updates & Tech2 and GDS2 tweaks requiring security access for 2010-2012 MY vehicles; other things are free - vap
Los Angeles - $20.00 if you meet me; $30.00 if I have to really make a trip - Ambiwlans
Los Angeles/Santa Monica - If I come to you - 55$; If you come to me - 35$ - Djfremen
San Diego - $25 - asgoesdonsogoesdongo
San Francisco - p2309forlife

Denver/Aurora - $25 for simple things. Willing to do diagnostics or travel, prices to be negotiated on these - StevensSaab
Denver (weekdays)/Craig (weekends) - Free (5 min) reading of DTC codes if you come to me. Negotiable if you want me to help you troubleshoot something or ask me to drive to you. Can't add modules or change settings currently. Email me through the site. Don't bother with PM. - Mark06Aero

District of Columbia
Northern Virginia, covering northern VA, the DC Metro Area & parts of Maryland - $25-$50 depending on work done and travel involved - Jay!

Ft. Myers/Cape Coral - free if you came to me, negotiable if I come to you - OverlyComplex
Port St. Lucie
- a donation of any sort - 06AeroTurbo
Sarasota/Bradenton - Negotiable - Rinzy20
Tampa - reasonable donation - win_k
Pensacola/Ft. Walton Beach - reasonable donation - arens6

Atlanta/Smyrna/Marietta area - $50.00, plus a small extra charge if travel required - Georgerom
Lilburn/Stone Mountain/Atlanta area - No remuneration necessary, will accept donations if offered - Tech 2 with TIS 2000 with Security access - Kmac33
Rincon (just outside Savannah) - $40 if you come to me. If I have to travel it will vary. I usually have at least one parts car - saleenmav

Chicago, north suburbs - FREE - (buy this man a beer!) - Swedespeed7
Carbondale/Springfield - Gas compensation + whatever you think it's worth - ElevatorMan

Pendleton/Indianapolis - $50 - driverjon

Campbellsville & occasionally Lexington & Louisville - $25.00 for common adjustments - Alej

New Orleans - Reasonable donation - Tech 2 clone, Saab 148 card and Global Tis - jcrump

Bangor, Northern Maine - occasionally traveling to VT - $40.00 typically - JAAB
Downeast Maine - Genuine Tech 2 with all Saab software & the OBD1 connector for the older models - rrob311
South Portland area - free if you come to me - hunterstein555

Annapolis area - Scanning with Tech 2 - free, round trip fuel costs will be charged for travel to your location - nate_georgee
Southern Maryland/Pax Naval base - free, round trip fuel costs will be charged for travel to your location - Pcraider1988

Brookline/Boston - $40, will travel depending on the situation - Thomasmcnlt6
- $50 - dspargo
Central Mass - Genuine Tech 2 with all Saab software & the OBD1 connector for the older models - rrob311
South of Boston (1999-2009) - donations & trades - gbest
Wareham - $50.00 (free if you buy a tune) - mike d - 978 877 9862

Dearborn/Detroit - gas money if you can't come to me - Facebook users should contact me via the Greater Detroit Saab Club page - ///e30freak

Minneapolis - free if you go to him - zissou

St. Louis/Swansea, IL - Whatever you feel you are able to do. Will travel, but please consider gas prices; I have all Tech2 items and XP running TIS2000 and GlobalTIS. Please know I just got this I will bring you my equipment and allow you to make changes you need to make - longsack

New Jersey
Haddonfield - LEP3
North Jersey - Wayne or Randolph - $40/$50 depending on task and time - can drive to your location - cloves
Somerville & Hoboken - $30.00 (more to travel) - Silver2.0T

New Hampshire
Southern New Hampshire area; North Central Mass; Vermont; Downeast Maine - Genuine Tech 2 with all Saab software & the OBD1 connector for the older models - rrob311

New York
Albany - Beer is always appreciated - Jack's Abby IPL / Fegley's Hop'solutely Triple IPA / Most IPAs are accepted - DrunkieTheBear
Binghamton - $50 - rdubya
Buffalo area - $40/$75 - pongagt
Calverton, Long Island - saabmedic (Saab Master Tech)
Long Island - SAABalingus
Long Island - $10 initial scan, $15/hr for programming (negotiable); Mongoose Pro GM II setup on a Mac running Parallels desktop Win XP (Tech2Win, TIS2000, GlobalTIS). This setup has has only worked on 2003-2011 NG 9-3's. Might possibly work on 2006-2011 9-5's. - AVguy
Oneonta - $40 for most, excessive travel time/distance will cost more; also selling setup laptops for those who bought a Tech II and do their own work and need Globaltis, WIS, EPC - whitemedition96
Pine Plains - $40 or less if you are close and don't rob me. Will travel up to an hour or so for extra - barbierij
Queens - Negotiable - brt
Sherburne/Norwich - $40 for basic marrying, unmarrying & programming keys; time consuming diagnostics and sps'ing on an as per basis; if you buy a part from me that requires marrying (ecu, cim, icm2, ddm, etc) the Tech2 price is half off; & a mileage charge if I have to drive past 30 miles - tour96se
WestChester County - Negotiable, willing to travel within 1hr of NYC (including CT/NJ) - nitrous9200

North Carolina
Aberdeen - TECHII, TIS 2000, Global TIS, Autel and Snap-on scanners - Electrical troubleshoot and module/key reprogramming - Scan price with TECHII: walk in, $60; forum members, $30 - call 910-944-5751 - Resto-Euro
Asheville - Free scan if you are from Buncombe County, $50 otherwise. Fee applied as credit if your vehicle is serviced here at Lower Buncombe Coachworks. Tech2, TIS2000 and Global TIS, all security access - LBC28704
Durham - Tech II with GlobalTIS - $50 for initial scan and if I can fix it we can negotiate... - opnairst
Havelock - Hangor

Columbus (Dublin) or Cincinnati (Loveland) - $ donation - gerbear
Columbus - negotiable - emjohn4
Columbus - negotiable - jander22
Springfield - donation - No CANDi, no TIS = no 2003+ 9-3 - Tboy

Johnstown, (Western PA) - Negotiable - IAmTodd
Lancaster - $30.00-$40.00 - will travel some - fishzine
Northeastern PA (Avoca) - $40.00 (discounted if you are also buying a tune) - Tuning by MPS - Stopsign - (Michael Smihosky)
Philadelphia - $60 - ClubSport
Pittsburgh /Strip District - unclemiltie

Rhode Island
Lincoln - negotiable - mongoose/tech2win/saab global tis security - ride5000
Pawtucket - PM me - Harold95

South Carolina
Charleston - $40.00 - blightyusa
Rock Hill - $40.00 for scanning - gofastcrazy

Knoxville - $40.00, $50.00 if I come to you (will travel approx. 30 mintes) - Stefanb
Nashville - $$ Negotiable - FC Saab
Johnson City - $30 + $0.50 per mile - Have security access - Contact: [email protected] preferred - PRTSNLA

Houston/Clear Lake - $50.00 - kbivens5
San Antonio - Negotiable - TXSaabStory
Trinity - Depends on what is needed and if I have to drive to you - mark458

Genuine Tech 2 with all Saab software & the OBD1 connector for the older models - rrob311
Tech II programming and tunes - $50.00 - VT9000CSE
Always free (DIY) - Tech 2 with everything, otc genisys, oscilloscopes, engine analyzer, mt2500 etc. - 300sdl

Chesapeake - $50 Donation - Speeddemon
Newport News - $20-50 depending - philbar71
Virginia Beach - Negotiable - Not free - Some travel to Hampton Roads area - $0.35/ mile + negotiated payment applies - DevPts

Anacortes - Gas money if you're more than 50 miles travel; willing to go most anywhere; would rather not go as far as Tacoma, but I will if need be. Candi and Global TIS - Artfulkatana
Port Angeles - $35.00 you come to me - lotus54
Puyallup/Tacoma - Tech2 & TIS with security access; MDI with access to GDS2 and TIS2Web - Tech2 work from $25-$50 depending on what needs to be done;
MDI work is negotiable due to the nature of the subscription service that is needed to access GDS2 and SPS programming - summerof96
Seattle - $30.00 - have small children, cannot travel - Jeremy R.

Madison/Appleton/some of Northern Wis - $25 for common adjustments (beer donation is also welcome); diagnostics or adding modules is negotiable - 93SaaberWI
Eagle River - micro/European/Scottish/etc. beer donation is welcome - damontl1235


Vantaa - $$ requested for your time/help DTC read 20e, programming etc 50e, and if I need to contact Saab server, 80e. Only SAABs, og 900: 9000; ng 900: og 9-3: og 9-5 and ng 9-3 Even local dealer send difficult issues to me. Now also equipped with MDI!!! - Mimmi

Berlin - Donation based....Can do almost all Saab, (V148, V146, V44 of cards), Isuzu, Opel, Suzuki - McAdam

Dublin - No fee - smokiebeverage

Peterborough - Non commercial helpful Saab enthusiast - a few beers and a chat always welcome! - CJPeterborough

Chelmsford - apprx 20 pound - jynx78

Tech 2 with TIS2000 - no charge if you come to me - rgray99c

Norwich - 25pound - neil ro


Qatar - FREE - (buy this man a beer!)....Only compatible with the 9-3 2003-2010. - Glmed8

Any city - FREE - Hus_sho



Bendigo & area - AUS$25.00 w/in 25 miles of Bendigo - spadar
Melbourne ?? - AUSSAAB

Newcastle - beer, cigarettes or your soul Leon J - [email protected]
Goulburn - Beer :cheesy: - Saabaus

Wellington - free/swap parts/have a drink - glegge

Thread Updated July 23, 2019.

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This is a good idea - I'd like to be a part of this list.

I'd like to see how much others are charging before setting my price.

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Thanks guys... updated the 2nd post with your details... thanks for getting the ball rolling on this. I am secretly hoping to get someone from Perth putting their hand up so I can get my HID error turned off!

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Chicago, north suburbs
No charge! :D

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Interested in Charleston, SC or else I will buy one!

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Berwick, PA
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