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Got a TD04L-14T Turbo from a 2006 2.0T. I'm assured by NeoBrothers that it's done less than 30,000 miles and whilst I can't guarantee that, it's certainly clean with absolutely no end float.

I only needed the BPV for my existing turbo, so you'll need to remove the BPV from your existing turbo.

As such, it's going cheap at £220. Will take a few pictures tomorrow... I'm posting this now simply because the "smallt" turbo scam reminded me it's still in the garage gathering dust :cheesy:

Be careful of scams... anyone that's ordered from "smallt" will know only too well how easy it is to lose your money. I'm a regular member, based in Staffordshire, UK. Check out my posting history or my company (Cresona Ltd) to confirm this one is real :lol:
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