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Name: Sam Poirier

Location: Connecticut

Means of contact: Email me at [email protected]

Price: $500/OBO (I'll Ship them to you no cost if you are close to asking price)

Description: I bought a used td04-14t with lines and injectors this summer planning to do a swap on my 2004 93 linear. Bought them off a respect member of the Saab Parts North America facebook page, everything is in good condition and theres no shaft play what so ever. All the parts are there for the swap so there is no worries. I even printed out the directions off the "HOW TO" thread just to make it easier. Sadly I am no longer in possession of the car anymore since I'm off to college and I really could use the money to pay off school bills. Thank you for your interest!

Pictures: I'll email you pictures if you ask for them.
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