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Name: Sam Poirier
Location : Hebron , CT
additional details:Bought Td04-14 for my 04 93ss linear, The turbo has been Rebalanced by GPopshop and has never been used while under my ownership. the injectors a clean and the lines are Not cracked and have a little bit of heatshield on both lines. All banjo bolts are there.
Means of contact:email me at [email protected]
Price: $320 for all of it ( I pay for shipping if you agree on price asked)
Mileage (miles/kms): 80k (recently rebalanced and no shaft play)
Description: I originally bought the turbo for my 93ss which i was going to swap on since I got the Saab Tuning bug again. The car originally had a Td04-16T which was then sold in order to help me buy a weekend car. Reason for selling is Sadly my weekend Toy's engine randomly blew up and now I need the money to repair it. I am willing to ship the turbo out the same day (if post office is available at the time) also if there is a certain Company that you want to deliver you package let me know and I will see what I can do. I will most likely use USPS. The turbo,lines, and injectors will all be bubble wraped and sealed in a cardboard box so you dont have to worry about anything being damaged. Please feel free to Email me if you are interested

I appreciate it!



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