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I've been gathering as much info. as possible on the Taliaferro carbon custom intake made at Genuine Saab for my Aero. Definitely leaning toward this vs BSR, as their craftsmanship has gained much respect over time. Three positive reviews on GS, while being $20 less than BSR. My two small concerns...

1. Have carbon fiber components been known to melt over time from engine heat?

2. Is there risk in using an oiled filter (K&N), as opposed to a dry filter (AEM)?

I had read that a mechanism could be damaged within the intake from oil being sucked in over time. Not sure if BSR uses an oiled filter or dry.

Any input on these two intakes quality/performance (primarily Taliaferro) much appreciated.
I wouldn't think GS would sell an intake if it would melt, but if the resin wasn't the heat resistant kind, it might fade or turn yellowish over time.

All filters should be oiled so that it can trap the dirt and let clean air into your system...K&N is pretty heavy on the oil IMO, I would buy their degreaser and filter oil, wash it, and lightly oil it myself. Too much oil can coat the resistor on the MAF sensor (on the intake pipe) and cause it to give a false reading over time. A dry flow filter might be less restrictive, but it wouldn't trap as much dirt, which can allow more dirt, dust, pollen and debris in the turbo or engine. It will take a lot for a k&n or regular cone filter to become too restrictive... at that point, you would see an open compressor in the engine bay or on the bumper on a race car at the track... The kind that will suck in small animals
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