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Have a new T7 throttle body for sale. Its seen less than 1k miles. I would like to keep it as a spare but I need some extra cash to fund my ECU tuning project. $200 shiped. If your interested PM me.

I know such low mileage seems suspicious, so in case your wondering...

I bought it because I thought the stock one failed. It turned out that it was just stuck in limp mode (mechanical override) from when I propped it open and cranked the motor over to test compression. Of course at the time I had no idea what limp mode even was...I figured it out a couple weeks after putting the new TB on the car. Of course once I learned of this "limp mode" I wanted to know if my original TB was any good, so I reset it and put it back on the car, and it worked fine. The new TB has been sitting in its original box in my closet ever since.
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