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We are speaking about the 9000, that it toes make one's debut to the end of 1984 and that is revealed above all interesting for Italian we, since is fruit from a plan that, at least in first is made, the Saab has shared with Fiat and Lancia, for the development respective of Croma (introduced a year after the 9000) and of the Thema (introduced anch' it to the end of 1984).
The auto body of the three cars, the dimensions and other details, like as an example the porter, betray their grip relationship. The motors are instead develop to you independently and the motorization of the 900 tip of the 9000 is the same one of Turbo 16S, that it says it long on as the Saab has succeeded to conjugate the performances elevated with the confort well that it expects to us from a flagship. Introduced initially in configuration to five doors, the 9000 subsequently are placed side by side (in 1989) from the version to four doors, decidedly more classic. The five doors continuous to address to public the most juvenile one and because not, sportsman, and is perhaps for whom the same Saab introduces, in the course of the years, some kit sportswomen dedicates you to this model, in order not to speak about the introduction of special versions like the T16 Sport of 1989, characterized externally from the adoption of hangs to us aerodynamic and equipped with ennesima the evolution of the motor from 2 liters, of which we reassume the main characteristics:

Cilindrata(cc): 1985
Power (CV): 204 to 6000 turns
Brace (Nm): 286 to 3000 turns
Speed max: 235 Km/h

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Its true 2.0T= 204hp ??
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