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FS: Swift Motorsports Motorized Plate Holder

$125 Shipped, Brand new in Box.

Motorized Hide Away License Plate Holder

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Starting at: $179.99 $150.00
Save: $29.99 off
Most states require you to run a front plate now, but many new vehicles have no way to mount the front plate without it looking terrible. Swift has the answer with our motorized hidden license plate kit. In just a few seconds, you can display your plate for normal driving around, and when you are parked at a show, mall, whatever, you can hide the plate under the bumper for the clean look your new car deserves!
This is a very simple install, the motorized hidden plate is simply attached to the bottom on your bumper with the included hardware, then you simply run a power and ground wire and your hidden license plate bracket will be ready for both show and go!!
The Swift Hide-a-Plate fits on many vehicles, most Audi's, Volkswagen's, Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros, Cadillac's, and more. If your car has a flat spot under the bumper that goes at least 10" straight back, and wide enough for a license plate, this should fit on your car too!!

With this piece you can hide you Plate any time you like in under 3 seconds!!

You've seen this motorized hide away license plate holder on your friend's vehicles, on the forums, on Youtube, now it's time to install one on your car!
These are currently backordered 1-2 Weeks. Order now and get to the top of the waiting list!!


Operate the system with key fob included in kit!
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