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Depending on how much you want to spend - there are several options:
I assume you refer to springs and struts., as rubber vs poly bushings is often a secondary factor choice after the major work.

The forum has a list of aftermarket part sites - see link.
The common ones are (in no particular order)
1. eeuroparts (now under new management).
2. esaabparts
3. Rockauto
4. Partsforsaabs
5. genuinesaab

Now most 9-3 users will talk about different springs and strut combinations.
Each has there own view and need.
For my 9-3 I used Koni yellow adjustable struts - and kept the standard original springs. I replaced all the main bushings with non-poly original parts. ** except the strut mounts - as I couldn't find the original SAAB version and I wasn't going to use pro-parts.

You might want to look at a Bilstein or Koni Struts with Vogtland or Lesjofor or Eibach springs. These are commonly used.
PartsforSaabs in the UK for example has Bilstein B8+ Lesjofor springs for $465 USD.
hope this helps.
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