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On Jan14th, the Bay Area Saab club is trying to do either a cruise in the bay area, or a meet somewhere. Here is what they say on the site:

2012 Saturday January 14, 2012 - "Outside SAAB":

The club is looking to gather to support SAAB in the spirit of the 2010 convoy (see below).

We are looking at either a convoy at slow speed around the Bay Area or a stationary event at a "Saab" location. Stand by for more information. Rain or shine.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. A group of Saab enthusiasts have joined forces and brought this website online. In the spirit of the original Dutch Saab Support Convoy, which was organised in 2010 by Eric van Nimwegen, Sidney Polak, Lindy Dragstra, Stephan Lampe and Roger van Keulen, the 14th and 15th of January 2012 will see meetings worldwide to support Saab. Not being in the form of a convoy, but a real meeting where those who support the Saab brand can meet and chat. Give it a local flavour if you can and reach out to the press in your area or country. Please use the menu above to browse through the site. Should you be organising an event in your country on this date, then please contact us so that we can show your information on your country page!

This initiative is supported by Saabs United, as well as Saab Club Nederland.

So, come out, support SAAB! Ill be there!

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