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A few months ago I noticed some odd electrical things happening with my 9-5. The AC on the drivers side stopped blowing hot/cold air, the central locking buttons stopped working, the radio control buttons on the steering wheel stopped working, and the radio would stay on after I removed the key. And then, a huge storm came through and my sunroof leaked water into the interior of the car. I dried everything out, and checked under the driver's seat to make sure the TWICE hadn't gotten wet. Seemed good and dry. Around 2 AM that night the theft alarm starts going off non-stop, no matter what I did. I ended up just pulling the fuse to the alarm, and letting it drain out the battery until I could deal with it. The next day I went and got a new battery for the key fob, jumped the car, and tried to start it. It turns over, but won't start. The dash lights and radio will come on though. I towed it to a local specialist, and had them check it out. They re-charged the battery, and told me the Engine Immobilizer is active, and it had to be towed to a dealer to be fitted with a new TWICE module, but couldnt give me any more information than that. Frustrated, I called a different specialist in town, who said the symptoms seemed to match matched that of an ISM failure more than a TWICE issue. He checked it out today, and said that the TWICE isn't communicating with his computer, and he was going to double check to see if it was even getting power. I'm waiting to here back from him on that, but it's looking like the TWICE module is in fact fried. The closest Tech II is at a dealership 2 hours away, and new modules seem extremely expensive. Does anyone know if there is anyway to repair the TWICE module or if it's possible to remarry a used TWICE to the car without a Tech II? Any [possible solution other than the $1500+ I'm currently looking at would be super helpful..
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